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The whole pie,
not just a slice.

About Aisling

If it’s qualitative research you need, you have come to the right place. My team and I love to make research happen. We love to see companies be successful.

Aisling distinguishes itself in three ways:

Truly excellent moderating.  This is the cornerstone upon which Aisling is built. It is how we win the hearts and minds of the brand teams we support. Our clients tell us that it is hard to find good moderators. Look no further, you found us! 

Delivering the whole pie, just not a slice.  What do we mean? The moderating has to be good, but it cannot stand alone—every part of the process has to be created and delivered with the same excellence. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep one foot in the strategy and one foot in the details at all times. From the screener to the fieldwork logistics to the report, we are always making it happen.

We are repeatedly told by clients that if they find a good moderator, he or she is a so-so report writer, or a company will be good at high-level thinking but will drop the ball on logistics and planning, etc. Stories like this fuel our fire to do what we do!

Our team is small by design.  For us to deliver the quality and client experience that is our unwavering commitment, the Aisling team is purposely small. We are big in experience and flexibility—where it counts.

I take great pride in our client relationships. Many span years, some 20+ years, and I feel this speaks volumes for our work.

Stacey Yarnall, Founder and President


We're here for you.

We at Aisling know that qualitative research is a crucial part of making informed decisions. By doing what we do best, we can help you do what you do best.



Our Team

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Stacey Yarnall

Stacey is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of immersion in market research. Early in her career, she discovered research accidentally and a life-long passion was born. After ten years of rising through the ranks in a strategic research and brand positioning firm on the Main Line of Philadelphia, Stacey found herself spending more and more time on business issues like hiring, training, marketing, etc. She left in 2004 to start Aisling so she could focus on what she loves—moderating and building relationships. 

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Kim Dudley

Kim is also a seasoned moderator with 20+ years of success. Kim started her career in a firm that focused on both qualitative and quantitative research and like Stacey, she rose to the level of VP and found her attention divided across multiple priorities. In 2008, Stacey convinced Kim to make the move that would allow her to focus on what she does best—expert-level qualitative moderating and impressive story-telling. Kim is deeply committed to her work and our clients love working with her. 

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Cathy Smith

Cathy began her research career 25 years ago on the facility side, where she learned qualitative research from the ground up. As Aisling’s field manager extraordinaire, Cathy works closely with Stacey and Kim to develop screeners and field plans, and manages the recruiting process day to day with our facility partners. Cathy and Stacey have worked together for almost 20 years; when Stacey founded Aisling, Cathy was by her side from day one. She is a strong, detail-oriented, and tireless manager.

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Vice President, Operations

David Yaun

Dave works behind the scenes and is the glue that holds it all together. As Aisling’s growth picked up speed after the first few years, Stacey brought Dave on to manage all of the non-research related aspects of the business. As a businessman who spent his career in sales and management, Dave is also our go-to for counsel and advice whenever needed.


Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can;
there will always come a time when you are grateful you did.
— Sarah Caldwell